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At Five Star Cleaning we understand the importance of first impressions. Clients and potential customers will form an opinion of your company before they walk through the door based on how things look outside.

That is why at Five Star Cleaning we believe keeping the grounds of your business premises in pristine order is equally as important as the keeping the inside clean.

Our Landscaping Service ensures that your staff can be proud of where they work and that your clients will be suitably impressed.

Our commercial landscaping team will look after

  • Mowing of Lawns
  • Planting and Maintenance of Flower Beds
  • Prune Shrubs
  • Manage trees (including trimming and maintenance)
  • Cleaning Curbs
  • Clean paths and roadways
  • Ensure Sites Drainage is working

As you can see, Five Star Cleaning can provide your business with all of their cleaning, grounds maintenance and facilities management needs.

Whatever the scale of your operation, you will see the benefits in having a professional cleaning company looking after your premises better than you can hope to do so yourselves, and with a saving of both time and money you couldn’t match.

Give you business the Five Star Treatment and contact us today to learn more about our Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Packages.