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Five Star Cleaning have the equipment, expertise and experience to conduct a wide range of pressure cleaning task’s via the use of high powered washing systems. We can use high and low pressure steam cleaning to move even the most stubborn dirt and grime from any type of surface.

The fact that steam maintains a higher temperature than boiling water means that it is even more effective at sanitising and sterilising surfaces and work stations. When the steam in combined with very high pressure it results in a very effective method of removing the toughest industrial stains.

Any organisation involved in the production of products to be consumed by humans or indeed animals, needs to ensure that their site is fully compliant with the latest health and safety guidelines.

Five Star Cleaning can enable your organisation to meet and exceed its requirements in this aspect of its business operations; this is due to the fact that we have many years of experience in the commercial cleaning sector, and the fact that we only use the most up to date cleaning methods and equipment possible.

At Five Star Cleaning we also use mobile power washing systems that enable us to clean a great deal of surface areas quickly and easily. The mobility factor of this washing system is a huge advantage to getting into various locations with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience for your organisation.

Some Features and Benefits of our Mobile Power Washers

  • Washing can be conducted up to 380 feet away from where machine is set up
  • It’s a mobile unit that generates its own power
  • Two trained pressure cleaning operatives will be deployed with the machine to your premises
  • Hydraulic houses attached to machine means we can go around corners through windows and doors to reach area to be cleaned
  • Work can be done on an hourly or day rate saving your organisation time and money

At Five Star Cleaning Contractors we are very proud of the flexible nature of the services that we offer our clients. If you want to contract us for one hour or one year to conduct cleaning on your commercial site, we will still deliver the same high standard of work time after time.

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