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At Five Star Cleaning we know the positive effect that having a professionally cleaned retail unit or shop can have on a customer’s perception of a shop and more importantly on sales. A professionally cleaned shop will also showcase your products in a more attractive manner.

At Five Star Cleaning we understand that retail cleaning should not interfere with the day to day running of your shop. We work with your staff to ensure that there is no effect on your customers or the opening hours of business for the shop.

We also take security very seriously and all of our uniformed retail cleaning staff have been fully vetted.

We also understand that every shop has different requirements for their shop cleaning.

To assist our retail cleaning clients we offer

  • Competitively priced retail cleaning packages
  • Flexible retail cleaning contracts
  • All retail cleaning conducted to the highest standards
  • All retail cleaning conducted outside of core opening hours (or at a time that is most suitable for the client)
  • All products used for cleaning your shop are environmentally friendly

All of our shop cleaning packages include

  • Floor polishing
  • Waste Disposal
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Changing Room Cleaning (If required)
  • Storeroom Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

In addition we can also look after the outside of your office by providing

We are also conscious of the current economic retail climate and the duty of care placed upon business owners and managers so that they can provide clean and safe shops within their budgets. At Five Star we have put together cleaning packages for shops that can ensure they receive the very best shop cleaning service at the most competitive prices.

In essence, Five Star Cleaning can become your retail cleaning and facilities management partner, ensuring that your office is always clean and ready for business.

So give your office the Five Star Treatment and contact us to get a shop cleaning package suitable for both your office and your budget.