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Factory Cleaning Can Save You Money

Factory Cleaning Can Save You Money (In more ways than you think)

At Five Star Cleaning we believe in delivering added value wherever possible.

When we are working with any Factory or Manufacturing Facility we always have our staff conduct a monthly cleaning / Audit Report.

Recently, while working with a large client of ours in the Brewing Industry, our team noticed that the ventilated heating tubes used to prevent moisture getting into the grain were very dirty.

These were not on the regular cleaning roster, but as always we highlighted the issue to the senior management at the plant. They were not really interested in cleaning these ventilated heating tubes until we pointed out that not having them cleaned would lead to higher gas bills as by being dirty they were also becoming highly inefficient and therefore would use more gas and increase costs.

It was agreed that Five Star Cleaning would undertake the job of cleaning the ventilated heating tubes and this would be completed on a regular basis and that we would measure the results of the savings against their Gas Bill.

The result of this operation was that the monthly heating costs reduced by €14,000 per month which represented an 18% reduction in their monthly Gas Bill.

Five Star Cleaning always treat their clients facilities as if it was their own. If you would like to learn how Five Star Cleaning could save you money with our Factory Cleaning Service simply call us on 1850 211899 or fill out the form on our contact us page and one of our staff will get back to you to arrange for a free no obligation survey and quote.